• Frame color: Matte Navy
  • Lens color: Prizm Trail Torch
  • Fit: Standard
  • Product Code: OO9401-1837


Using one large single lens instead of a pair of two individual lenses instantly improves the glasses optical range providing a large, uninterrupted peripheral vision and creating a huge surface area of protection. The lens is made of plutonite which is found across Oakley’s entire range of glasses due to its premium optical properties and also its level of protection from impact and abrasion. The Prizm Road with a 20% light transmission and is specifically designed for dealing and reacting to the lighting conditions of the road.


The frame has been completely stripped back to create an aerodynamic feel that is ideal for using when travelling at speed. The brow-less design not only strips back on the weight of the glasses but also improves the upper field of vision for the glasses giving you a greater sense of scope. The temples come with an interchangeable length that allows you to pair the glasses perfect with your helmet size and shape. For extra stabilisation the nose pad and ear socks are coated in unobtainium rubber which is specially developed to be water resistant and to stop the glasses from moving about your face when you’re on the move. The all-new Advancer nose bridge system allows you to click the nose bridge into two different positions – opened and closed, which improves levels of ventilation instantly when you need it most.

Lens Specifications
Light Transmission: 20%
Light Conditions: Medium Light
Contrast: Increased
Base Lens Colour: Rose


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